World Angling’s Mission

Saltwater Fly Fishing isn’t something we do, it’s what we live for!  It’s in our blood, on our minds, and is the focus of our obsession!  We aren’t interested in who catches the most fish, or the biggest fish, or who’s the best–  none of that matters… From the moment we rig our rods to the final cut of our films, our goal is to relate the excitement and appreciation we have for the sport, the environment and characters that make it special. 

Will Benson holds up a huge Permit

It’s never easy to explain  why we love fishing and being out on the water so much.  The love and passion we share for the sport, and the reasons why we obsess about it, never seem to be entirely forthcoming.  The subtleties of nature, the comedy of frustration, and the joy of shared success with out best friends, is something closer to a feeling than what we can express.  World Angling’s mission is to attempt to capture these feelings; the moments that feed the passion.  We are a crew of guides and artists dedicated to showcasing the extreme, the hilarious, the beautiful, and ultimately very real aspects of a life connected to the water with a fly line.   -Will Benson

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