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We get the amazing shots that no one else can.  Why?  Because we grew up in the Florida Keys, and we understand what makes our home islands and community such an amazing and inspiring place.  We understanding where and when to photograph the Florida Keys so that our images may inspire and communicate the authentic beauty and lifestyle of our island home.  We spend 250+ days a year on the water.  Whether we are fishing, diving, boating, or shooting video for our own productions, we are always in the right places to capture the moments. this is no the new edit.

amazing string of migratory tarpon off Key West
Dawn Patrol fly fishing for tarpon
holding a tarpon in the water.


We have worked with many clients over the years to deliver high quality video selects, photographs and fully edited productions.  From clients who knew precisely what shots they wanted, to clients who were looking to collaborate with locals to achieve the right look and feel for their photographic goals, we have worked with them all.

We handle all requests on a case by case basis and look to establish a personal professional relationship with all our clients.


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