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We are currently in production on our latest piece ” Ghost Stories.” A film about the “shifting baseline perspective” and our efforts to preserve some of the greatest fisheries on earth.  We are shooting now on location in the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. 

BTT Symposium 2017 – We are excited to premiere this film at the Bonefish Tarpon Trust Symposium November 10-11, 2017 in Ft Lauderdale.  Please check out this event for more details:  BTT Symposium

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2018 – Ghost Stories will likely see a U.S. tour with the boys from the Fly Fishing Film Tour in 2018.  Check out the current F3T Schedule for 2017

Ghost Stories is an upcoming documentary film highlighting the culture, history, and future of the fly fishing industry in The Bahamas. In partnership with, Bahamian guides, lodges , The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, The College of the Bahamas, Bahamas National Trust, and select idustry supporters, researcher Tom Karrow and the Crew of World ANGLING seek to capture the rich history of bonefishing in The Bahamas through the eyes of Bahamian fly fishing guides.

Early Bahamian guides worked tirelessly to establish a world-class ecotourism industry in The Bahamas. The industry generates $140 million annually and is a vital economic engine to many of the remote “family islands” of the Bahamas.

Film Makers Will Benson and Andrew Oneil of WorldANGLING have been following researcher Tom Karrow, of the University of Waterloo in Canada, as he interviews a multitude of Bahamian fly fishing guides on several different islands. The goal of this production is to capture the stories and knowledge of the elder guides who helped establish this fishery, and give them credit for their efforts in establishing this world-class fishery.  Additionally, this film captures younger proteges that carry the torch today. Bahamian guides posses valuable local knowledge acquired through decades on the flats; this information is vital for the protection, preservation and sustainability of the fishery.  Without documenting the oral history, this knowledge may well be lost. Join us as we follow Tom on an adventure across the Bahamas in search of the worlds best bonefishing, the guides who pioneered it and stories only they can tell.  

Ghost Stories will document the lives of pioneering guides across The Bahamas, while providing viewers with valuable information about the history and future preservation of the ecosystem. This film aims to share the fascinating stories associated with the establishment of The Bahamas shallow-water fishery, document the current state of the fishery, and raise awareness of the environmental and political issues facing The Bahamas shallow-water fishery.

Ghost Stories Trailer

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